Take Some Well Deserved Rest

What a wild semester huh? I can’t speak for everyone’s experiences as campus was partially open this semester, but I never left my house to go to class and isn’t that just bananas?

I did actually end up writing about UX’s application to technical communication, and here’s a bit from the introduction to my final:

This essay will argue that the processes of user experience research and testing should be used more holistically, with people across the development team becoming comfortable and knowledgeable in the fundamentals of usability, especially the technical communicators. To make this argument this essay will explore the history of technical communication and user experience, how technical communication influenced and has been influenced by user experience, and the ways technical communicators are already practicing user experience. From there the essay will look toward the future of technical communication in an ever-evolving user-experienced-based workforce. 

Something interesting about this particular paper was I tried out a new method of note taking and managing content I wanted to include from my sources. I ended up using Miro, which I got into in my UX course, and was surprised to notice how well it worked for this project. It’s a collaborative, white board and sticky note sort of workspace. Below is a visual of how I used it to take notes from my sources and outline my paper.

I was really cool this semester to dive into another programs’ graduate course and see some different perspectives on topics I was already vaguely familiar with.

I hope you all have a great holiday!

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