Static and Interactive Methods of Communication

It is crazy to think finals are already over. This year has gone by very quickly and I’ve enjoyed blogging with you all this semester! I’m excited to see what you all worked on!

My research was a comparative study for static and interactive forms of technical communication. More specifically, the research aimed to explore three questions: “1) the effectiveness of my company’s current methods of technical communication, 2) how interactive forms of communication compare to static forms of communication, and 3) the positive and negative implications of interactive processes (augmented reality).” The reason for choosing this topic is because I wanted to keep my finger on the pulse for new technological trends within the technical writing community. In exploring this research, I found that augmented reality, when setup, is highly effective and outperforms traditional static forms of technical communication. In addition, it is a great training tool that can help employees “form a motoric code” by visualizing the process or outcome. While there are many benefits to AR, the process for setting up an AR system can be costly, can be difficult to maintain, and requires significant technical expertise. By diving into this research, it helped me gain a better understanding of technology that I’m not as familiar with. If it is a direction our company wants to take in the future, I will have a deeper understanding of the challenges that need to be addressed.

In all, this course has provided me with a deeper understanding of social media, blogs, and effective technical communication strategies. While I don’t regularly blog at my workplace, it is a great marketing and communication tool that can be applied to a wide variety of situations and can generate a large following depending on the author’s strategies. It can also be a great creative outlet! I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned from this course at my workplace and get more creative in the sometimes mundane world of technical writing.

Happy holidays everyone!

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