Final Thoughts

Hello Classmates and Communicators,

For my final paper, I decided to research and learn more about the newest generation entering the workforce – Gen Z.  Here is my abstract:

Generation Z is just entering the workforce and they comprise about 5% of it. But they are already 25% of the population, and they will soon flood the workforce.  At the same time, Baby Boomers are poised to retire in large numbers.  A huge shift is about to happen. One of the changes that Generation Z will bring into the workforce is how they communicate, and how people communicate is influenced by their life experiences.  Generation Z is the first generation to grow up in an information technology world.  Social media is a primary way they use to communicate and foster relationships with others.  For them, life is instant and super connected.  But many of them have difficulty with face-to-face and written communication, skills that are necessary to be successful.   This paper will explore the life experiences that have shaped Generation Z, and how their use of digital technologies and social media will influence communication in the Workforce.  Finally, it will provide some suggestions for how organizations can adapt to help make the youngest generation’s entrance into the workforce a success for everyone

Before doing this research, it wasn’t clear to me what the differences are between Millennials and Gen Z.  But, I’ve found that although there are some similarities, there are also some significant differences.  One in particular is the times Gen Z and the Millennials grew up in.  Where Millennials grew up in times of peace and prosperity, Gen Zers grew up in a time of war and economic uncertainty.  They grew up during the recession, and many saw their families struggle financially.  These significant differences have shaped Gen Z and the Millennials in unique ways.  Millennials tend to be very optomistic and comfortable about the future and Gen Zers are more cautious and unsure of their future, and they believe it is important to save money.  This is just one of the many interesting things I have learned.


Note: By Lisa Rohloff

Rohloff Keynote Presentation

Note:  By Lisa Rohloff


This is my last class towards my MSTPC, and I’ll now begin work on my thesis.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every class, including this one.  I’ve learned so much that I can apply directly to my work.  But, what I value most is how I have learned from fellow students.  We truly help to sharpen one another.  I wish all of you the best as you pursue your dreams and goals.  Please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Lisa Rohloff

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