My Blogging Journey – Lisa Rohloff

216309Blogs are a unique and wonderful medium for writers.  We can post just about anything, anytime, our audience can respond with their candid thoughts, and we can grow and develop as a writer through this process.  Here, I will describe some of the limited experience I’ve had with blogging, what I feel I gained from it, and where I’d like to go with blogging in the future.

My first experience with blogging was in 2011.  I was taking a class towards my bachelor’s degree in Communication, and I was required to create and maintain a blog.  It was fun!  I enjoyed creating something of my own that was both visual and textual.  I filled it with different essays, poems, and assignments I had written.  But, after the class ended, I did not keep the blog updated.  Since beginning my master’s degree program at UW Stout, I’ve also had one class where we entered blog posts.  We were only required to do a couple posts, but I enjoyed that as well.  From there, I started a blog of my own, but since I didn’t keep it updated, I cancelled my post.  I’d love to have a blog and keep it updated regularly, but with working full time, taking classes towards my Master of Science in Technical and Professional Communication (MSTPC) and my family, I honestly don’t have time right now.  However, I am excited that this class gives me an opportunity to develop my blogging skills, so that when I am ready to start my own blog, I’ll be that much better!

Blogging is a terrific way for writers to satisfy that deep desire to write while honing their writing skills.  It is also a great way to gain honest, real-world feedback.  Bonnie A Nardi, Diane J Schiano, Michelle Gumbrecht and Luke Schwartz wrote, “In our sample, we discovered five major motivations for blogging:  documenting one’s life; providing commentary and opinions; expressing deeply felt emotions; articulating ideas through writing; and forming and maintaining community forums” (2004,  p. 43).  The blogging I have done fits best into the categories of articulating ideas through writing and forming and maintaining community forums.  But, what I’d really like to do in the future, is to express deeply felt emotions.  I picture myself reclining on a comfortable deck chair, listening to the birds sing their songs to one another, and allowing the wind to calm me as it moves through the leaves.  I long to smell the pine fresh air and then use my pen to help my audience smell it too.  I know I’ll eventually have my own blog – probably soon after I graduate from the MSTPC program.  Until then I’ll keep learning about how to do it well.


Nardi, B. A., Schiano, D. J., Gumbrecht, M. & Schwartz, L. (December, 2004). Why we blog. Communications of the ACM, 47(12).


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