Content Management in Job Searches

It can be almost funny when you find connections between real life and content in your assigned coursework. After reading Chapters 3, 4 and 5 in Digital Literacy I found myself in an ironic situation. My husband and I had to work together to create content. On Friday my husband came home from work and I asked him how his day was. He said it was fine and then I heard the real story. Corporate human resource represenatives came into the plant in our small town and said that all 40 employees would be laid off sometime between January 1 and April 1 2018. The company has a much larger plant about an hour and a 1/2 away that employees around 200 people. The employees were told they would be making 1/3 of the positions available in the larger plant but it would be open recruitment.

My husband hasn’t updated his resume since the last time he was job hunting 5+ years ago. Knowing there is such a high demand for these positions I stressed how important it would be for us to have a professional looking design with quality error free content.

My search for a new resume template started with Google search for free creative resume templates. Some pages I was afraid to click on because I was worried about the sources. Other pages had nothing but ads or still required payment. I spent a number of hours using a variety of search terms to find this content. There was very little if not zero content available that was professional, modern and clean designs.

My next search was to try to find content that was very low cost. I remembered seeing digital content such as clip art on ETSY and thought it was worth a shot.  I was able to find just what I was looking for using search for instant download resume templates that cost between $1 and $2


To my surprise all it took was paying $1 instead of looking for the content for free. The template I picked had three templates with it. One for the resume, one for a cover letter and one for references. It included instructions and templates in a variety of formats. Both for the Apple software Pages and for Microsoft Word.

I think this taught me a lot about the availability and cost of content. No one wants to give up content for free. Even if it is just a dollar per download that adds a lot to the professionalism and quality of the product.

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  1. I found myself tackling the resume job about a year and a half ago, as I was finally finishing up my bachelor’s degree after dragging it out for 30 years and was looking to make a career change. I had not created a resume in 15 years or so. I had many of the same struggles when searching online for templates. I would have been willing to pay a dollar for a usable template. Fortunately, as a UW-Stout student at the time, I was introduced the resume-related content on the Career Services web page – I appreciated that UW-Stout had created usable content for students.

  2. Lynn,

    So sorry to hear about your husband’s job predicament. Layoffs are rough. Best of luck to him in his new job search.

    Thanks for sharing the information about resume template. My resume hasn’t had a major re-design since my undergraduate years. I am sure I am due for a good upgrade. It looks like online content creators learned the “shareware” concept did not work too well. I remember I had a shareware games on my computer in my early teens that I never paid for. I think the resume designers made a smart choice only charging $1 for a quality product. Hopefully, they will earn back their time invested through high-volume sales.

    Jennifer R.

  3. Thank you Jennifer. Steve was in the same boat that he hasn’t updated his resume since landing this long term position. I remember making the last one but thought that with this job market and now that he has invested a lot in his career he needed the documents to match his passion and professionalism. I wish there was a way to post the before and after examples of his resume but unfortunately it’s just too much personal info to put on the internet. I bet the owner of the $1 resume does just fine with volume sales. They appeared to have dozens of options to appeal to all professions and personalities. Thanks for your comments!

  4. Lynn — I’m so sorry to hear the news. Layoffs are a scary thing. I think it’s great that you found such great deals on Etsy, I wouldn’t have thought to go there. Finding content online like this can be scary these days. The amount of advertisements and potential viruses can make the take a lot of the charm out of free content. Even when they do offer free content they usually have minimal options and lots of paid upgrades or tiers of service.

    I usually use the built in Microsoft Word templates, but right now I use because I can also send a link to people and they can print out whatever kind of file they want from it. I’ve also considered using Fiverr for the whole service of getting it written up because formatting in Word or other applications can be horrendous.

    I’m hoping for the best on Steve’s search for new options.

    • Thank you and thanks for the links! I agree, trying to get a resume, cover letter and reference list ready has been horrendous. We spent most of last weekend and a significant amount of time each night for the last four nights. While the prices look high when you think about the cost of our time it may have been worth it.

  5. Sorry to hear about your husband’s job! Yes, revising a resume can be daunting. Often people create one resume, but keep your audience in mind and tailor your resume for that specific job.

    • Thanks for the comments! Yes, we do plan on customizing the cover letters and content depending on what information the add gives us.

  6. Wow–I had no idea Etsy would offer such a service. I thought it was all crafts and specialty items. Did you explain how you ended up there after the Google search?

    • I edited my post to add this detail. I remember in the past looking for fonts and clip art on ETSY and finding a number of options. That is why I thought to look for the resume template.

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