Relationship between technical communication and social media

There is a strong relationship between technical communication and social media. In the article Rhetoric of Reach: Preparing students for Technical Communication in the age of social media the authors discuss that link between social media and technical communication is heightened due to the number of internet users and increased availability of social media. They also discuss that 247 million Americans have internet access. The new found access to social media in recent years has increased the amount of internet users who are exposed to technical communication. However I think a significant amount of the original content found on social media doesn’t follow the implied rules of technical communication. Many posts are not clear or to the point. Many posts are not original content to begin with. A lot of writers of social media content don’t consider the audience either. The content may just be for themselves. A lot of the content of social media has nothing to do with anything technical. There is a clear connection between social media and technical writing. But there are many examples that show how some social media doesn’t follow the definition of technical communication.

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  1. You’re right, there are a lot of bad writers and misinformation on social media. That’s why it’s important for technical communicators to have a presence on social media. Usability principles tell us things should be easy to use, and when they’re not, resources should be easy to access. Posting resources on social media is a good idea because most likely, customers are already using those platforms.

    Second, it adds a great customer service element. I recently purchased a Bluetooth scale from Amazon. When trying to decide which one to buy, I read the reviews and the questions. I went with this one ( because the company responded to all the questions. Social media lets us know how responsive companies are going to be when we purchase their products.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Jennifer R.

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