Jennifer’s blogging experience

As I mentioned in my introduction, I first started blogging for an undergrad class. During that time, I was also the web editor of my college newspaper, The Times-Delphic. So, I also created a blog for the newspaper. Reporters blogging was all the rage at Gannett, so I thought I should mimic the tactic.

I don’t recall a lot of people reading either blog. I usually blogged after I posted an issue so I could highlight it. I also blogged when there was breaking news that I posted to the Web site. I honestly don’t remember what I had to blog about for my class. How sad is that? In my defense, it was over 10 years ago.

Despite my limited recollection of what I actually wrote, I remember thoroughly enjoying the experience. Alex Ried’s article “Why Blog? Searching for Writing on the Web” explained that school assignments are just that — assigned. Whereas blogging “is an excellent opportunity for exploring and developing intrinsic motivations for writing” (p. 303).

During one of my performance reviews, I mentioned starting a health and fitness blog for The Des Moines Register. I never followed through with it, but I wanted to create it because it was a subject I was interested in and wanted to learn more about. Again, 10 years later, I still haven’t blogged about the topic, but I did create a PowerPoint on it for training. I included pictures of RuPaul, cheese, and booze, so you know it’s not boring.

I am looking forward to reacquainting myself with this medium.


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