Blogging Experience and Literacy

I haven’t had a lot of experience working with blogs. When I was in high school in a web design class we designed the graphic side of a blog. We had to make a blog but it was really focused on design and presentation not in the content of the blog. That was the only experience I’ve had with writing a blog.

I have read a number of blogs on a variety of topics. I feel that blogging is a balance of content and design. Both aspects are equally important in my eyes. It can be hard to hold a readers attention without an eye catching and easy to read design.

The article I have picked to react to is the 16 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners article. Overall I have a positive reaction to the article. It does seem like it is focused more on blogs that are meant to make a profit or for a business instead of ones for educational content.

Some of the tips given in the article that I found valuable were being consistent, giving away your knowledge and being true to your voice. All three of these ideas help develop the blogs value and increase the reliability of your content.

Some of the tips that I didn’t find to be helpful in an educational blogging setting were give give away stuff, give your email list priority, and keep it short. These tips may work in some situations but may have less value in an educational setting. Especially keep it short. Being consistent and concise is important but after reading the description of our blogging prompts for the rest of the semester we will need more than a minute or two of reading which was the recommendation in the article.

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  1. I agee “that blogging is a balance of content and design.” I like the creative aspect of creating a layout and adding visuals etc. Years ago I taught a technical reporting class. I really enjoyed not being limited by MLA or APA format like one is with an academic essay.

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