Reaching Too Far?

When I consider how far reaching social media has become, one experience particularly comes to mind.  As I’ve said in my introduction discussion post, I don’t personally have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.  I do have a Pinterest and definitely have a sweet spot for that app, but I don’t know that I consider Pinterest social networking.  I don’t use it to socialize, I just use it to “pin” recipes, inspiration, clothing, hair and makeup ideas, and girly and nerdy nonsense.  I would certainly survive without it, but I do check it a few times a day.

The experience which I reference in regards to technology and social media reaching “too far” was recently when I was job searching.  I didn’t have a LinkedIn account even though I had read that it was becoming more and more important to have one, I didn’t fully understand what LinkedIn was and wasn’t interested in finding out more about it.  But as I was applying to more jobs, it became more common for me to have to have a LinkedIn.  A lot of the jobs I was interested in had digital applications, and many of them had a section where the applicant was required to insert my LinkedIn URL.  It wasn’t until I started applying to those jobs that I was really interested in that I created an account.  I’m not sure how important LinkedIn really is, and I don’t know if I’ll ever actually use it professionally, but the dream job I just landed required the URL so I guess I’m glad I had it.

It’s been crossing my mind that getting a Facebook or an Instagram might be a good move for my new job.  It would be a great way to promote the fitness studios where I’ll work.  But I would be the biggest hypocrite in the world if I did that.  But there also might be a time where social media reaches even the biggest non-believers like me.  I haven’t made the decision yet.  It feels like walking the plank.

About mollynolte

MSTPC grad student scheduled to graduate in May 2017. Lover of the outdoors, my dogs, autumn, yoga, and travel.

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  1. I think Instagram might be the way to go for a fitness studio. There are tons of hashtags that you could use to connect with others in the business. And since it’s all photo and video-based, there’s no need to reveal too much about your self or personal opinions which people love to “comment war” over on Facebook.

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