A Lightbulb Just Went On

I’ve never blogged before.  My experience with blogs is only as a reader.  I’ve watched as some of my friends began blogging about whatever they were experiencing.  One wrote about being a new mom; sharing her experiences with other young or soon-to-be mothers.  Some wrote about eating healthy or political views.  I always thought that there are enough resources out there – I didn’t need to contribute my two cents.

As I read Is Social Networking for You by Jack Molisani, a lightbulb went on in my head. I realized how essential blogging is to business building.  Using social media and blogs to direct traffic to a website is very effective. I always thought that people were  either being helpful by sharing their experiences, or they were trying to gain popularity by blogging.

I’m very excited for this experience, and already in one week, I’ve learned so much about the world of social media.   I’m looking forward to more lightbulbs and ah-ha moments. Already, my mind is spinning with new ideas for my own website. I can’t wait to see what else I’m going to learn.

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  1. Excellent! Yes, I think many people have negative impressions of what social media is about and I usually blame celebrities for that, but businesses need to know how to use it and use it well! Not just have it because they think they need it.

  2. I had similar thoughts about blogging before I began my first blog site. However, the more I learned about reasons to blog not only for business, but also as a personal/hobby blog the more I wrote. I admit, I put my blogs on hiatus for awhile because I self-host and hosting can be costly. After this class I may rediscover my passion. The “5 Most Important Trends in Blogging for 2016” on Doz.com provides valuable insight what to expect in newsworthy and blogs that provide quality content.

  3. I like how you referenced a fellow technical communicator! Actually, I’m surprised Jack Molisani would come up in this class! After reading his article, I now fully understand why he uses his social media connections to promote his LavaCon Conference on Content Strategy every year.

    Since I help out on his team handling the website and technology side of the conference, I clearly remember him asking me to enable Open Graph and set up SEO tagging on his WordPress website so he can share the website on social media and include that webpage preview attachment next to his posts. In addition, he asks his conference presenters to promote their presentation summary from his website so his reach is even further.

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