An ending and a beginning!

This class has been a fascinating and wild ride. I can’t say that I’m not completely exhausted, but I also am more interested in the subject matter than ever! Simultaneously to reading and responding for this course, I was also updating my professional portfolio, applying for a new job, interviewing and accepting a position at a UW university! I started in my new position two weeks ago, leaving a long day of being the new kid on the block, and returning home to research and write my final essay. I cannot wait for vacation!

Exhaustion aside, this course gave me an amazing foundation to be able to speak knowledgeably about emerging media and how it affects communications on professional and personal level. Additionally, all of our discussions about the changing role of the technical communicator helped me organize my feelings and goals concerning my career as a graphic designer in a non-profit internal marketing department. I have really grown to love working for higher ed institutions, and so I am looking at how I can grow into a more strategic role rather than a strictly production role. This became part of my rhetoric as I interviewed for my new position and also as I discussed the field with the wonderful folks at the college I left. I still don’t know exactly what I’m aiming for, but at least I know what direction I want to push.

The ironic thing, is that I had a better chance to influence web and social media strategy at my old position. It was a much smaller team, and I had a bigger voice in the marketing efforts of the smaller college. After I settle in for a while at my new university, I’m going to have to regroup and decide what steps I can take to involve myself in that aspect of the communications at my new job. Still, I’ve already been able to discuss some of my favorite topics from this course with my new boss and the social media expert. It’s exciting!

My final paper had everything to do with my new position. I researched the use of social media in the marketing of higher ed institutions. The following is my brief abstract.

The effort to attract potential students to attend colleges and universities is highly competitive. Though higher education institutions have attempted to embrace the use of social media to connect with potential students and their parents, studies shows that the audience on these platforms remain unengaged. This paper explores the social preferences of young potential students, and strategies to help higher education marketing departments successfully engage their audience.

I learned so much from my discussions with you! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge through your blog posts and comments! We have been lucky to have such a multi-talented and involved cohort for this class. I wish you all the best, and I hope you call can get a little rest now.

– Allie

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