Emerging Media and the News

Given the recent news surrounding questionable deaths at the hands of the police in both Ferguson, MO and New York, NY, I chose to write my final about emerging medias impact on the way we receive our news.  Historically, it could have been days before the public was aware of the incidents, if it was reported at all.  I thought it was a worthy topic to explore and see if there were more benefits to breaking a socially important story than the negatives of having so many false rumors circulating before any evidence was released.

It was interesting to see find out that the news anchor, Walter Cronkite, was polled as the most trusted man in America at one time.  Today we view our news providers with a certain amount of distrust since most news received has a political spin on it one way or the other.

The most interesting fact I learned in my research proved a misconception I have held for the last few years.  I always thought that social media and the internet was a major source of news for most people.  On the contrary, over 60% of public still gets their news directly from dedicated news organizations.

Thank you to all my classmates and teacher.  Our class this semester was the most unique class I have ever taken, not to mention one of the most enjoyable.  Best of luck to everyone and I hope to see some of you next semester.

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