Waiting until the last minute, as usual!

web-design-service2If I have learned anything in my 3 semesters in this program it is that I will use every last minute of a deadline!  I hate that I do this but I work better under pressure, I guess! Anyway, I have really enjoyed this class this semester and feel that I have learned a lot from both the course content as well as from all of your posts.  It always amazes me how you can get to know the different personalities of your classmates through this type of setting. I would have thought this would have been lacking in an online environment but I have been pleasantly surprised throughout this program.

For my final paper, I took my past experience as a web designer and took a look at the different design principles: creating a site optimized for the search engines versus a site that just designed really well but may not be optimized.  Can the two design styles meet in the middle for the benefit of the clients involved? The answer I found was  – sometimes.  There is still a lot of debate and tension between the two different professions. Site designers think their sites are optimized but complain when they don’t rank higher in search engine results. SEO’s think their sites are well designed but they are not typically winning any design awards.  There are, of course, plenty of designs out there that accomplish both but it is surprising how many sites really are not paying attention to what the search engines are looking for.  Granted, it is a constantly changing field but if you are in business to attract new clients/customers, you need to pay attention or else you might as well ditch the site.

The up and coming trend in both design and SEO is the integration of social media.  I actually think this can benefit some smaller businesses.  I have a friend that owns a boutique clothing store that her and her daughter run.  Megan (the daughter) is really good at posting to Instagram and Facebook, sites that are both free to use.  In order to have the same interaction on their website, they would have to pay an hourly fee to the designer to update the information and it would not be done in an instant (more like 2-weeks at least). According to a lot of the SEO experts, this integration is going to make or break you in the search engine rankings.

Well – off to study for class #2 and then finish the paper for class #3.  I am looking forward to the break, that is for sure!  Anyone taking 730 – User centered research or 750-Qualitative Research next semester?

Have a great holiday week and enjoy your break!


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  1. Hi Jen! I’ll be in 730 next semester. “See” you then!

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