My Final Paper

For my paper, I explored how technical communicators have adapted and must continue to adapt their traditional practices and methods of writing in order to engage with their changing audience. My research questions included:

  • Is the importance of writing clearly and concisely giving way to learning to write in a voice that is engages customers on a social level?
  • Is writing decreasing in importance with the rise of video and other visuals?
  • Are these changes really fundamental to the field of technical communication? Or are they just the newest incarnation of the technical communicator’s call to write to their audience?

My paper was focused on how the technical communicator’s devotion to the needs of their audience will necessitate the modification of their communication methods as they engage in social media marketing. I looked at the stylistic differences in writing for social media versus those of traditional technical communication. I found that though writing for social media required a strong voice and differences in style, the core of how we write remained constant. Even in writing for social media, the thing that was most stressed in my research was the need for clear and concise writing. I explored the idea that the rise of video could decrease the importance of writing and found that most of the research emphasized content over flashy visuals.

Thanks everyone for making this a great semester!

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