I must be missing something, I just don’t get it.

I have not really seen Social Media work for me or affect the way I work. My company has three Facebook pages and at least two twitter accounts, but they are not being used in anyway to assist in customer relationships. Our Marketing Department is in charge of these and they do not post very often and when they do, they post about tradeshows or regulatory changes. They don’t seem to post about new changes to the applications or asking questions of our customer and/or followers. This may be because as much as we work with individuals, we work with companies and I’m guessing most of these companies do not have Facebook or Twitter because of the age of the people they treat.

One of the key points of Socialnomics is that “Consumers want to take ownership of your brand and brag about your product; let them!”. I don’t really feel like we are really using that connection that we could have. We do have an online presence for our customers, but it entirely encompassed within our application. there is no real sounding board for our customers to get  together and discuss their experiences, good or bad, about us. We are not providing our customer away to brag about the good service they receive or for them to discuss the bad services and allow us a way to correct those services.

I am far from what one would call ‘Social Network Savvy’. Yes, I have a facebook page, twitter and instagram accounts, and use pinterest, but I just don’t get it. Even as I sit here typing this blog, i just don’t get what I am doing. I don’t understand what I’m doing or why I’m doing it (other than its required for the class). I did all the readings, I reflected on them and just have a hard time finding something to relate to within these readings. Hopefully next week it will get easier or there will be something that I feel something about that will start the words flowing.

I guess I’m just new to all of this blogging and really this assignment is really no different than any other class and i just have to get myself out of this “Blogging is so different” mindset and just think of it as writing a discussion post and work harder at understanding what I should be getting out of the weekly readings. I never though at age 33 I wouldn’t be embracing a new technology or a new way of doing things. I need to embrace blogging, and look more at what Social Network Site and Social Networking can do for me. Maybe its time to update my LinkedIn page?

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  1. I totally understand the feeling you express in the end here about being new to blogging and feeling like it is different. I felt the same way when I was introduced to blogging….I was like: I don’t get it….and then I took the class that allowed me a view into blogging, and I was captured by the instant publishing aspect and the way I could create a “classroom” with a blog. That is what drew me into it…and now blogs have just become so much more in SM. Every teacher I have had so far at UW has had us use blogs for one reason or another.

    I love how you say, “I need to embrace blogging” because I find I have to do the same thing when it comes to certain new technologies I am introduced to in my educational arena….like right now, I am trying to embrace Weebly and Twitter with little success because I just have not taken the time to do so, but I must. Weebly more so than Twitter….there is just something about Twitter and the hashtag that continues to bother me, and I think it is more because so many people use it so randomly…in other words, there is just so much that people Tweet about that does not interest me…however, I am trying to embrace the Tweeters I am actually interested in following….such as professional development opportunities, former instructors of mine, networking opportunities with those who teach in my arena, and Twitter-ers related to my interests and hobbies. I have no idea if Twitter-er is correct (it is probably not a word), but I mean to say a person who tweets.

    If you cannot tell, I do not Tweet much.

    Christin Hunter

    • A former grad student [jodee14 in the sidebar] sent me this today and I knew I’d share it with you all eventually. I think it’s because I’ve been on Twitter since 2008, long before hashtags got out of hand, that I get a lot out of what people share. I know it’s difficult to figure out who to follow, but if you search well enough you’ll find a great network!

  2. I think it’s interesting the way you say your company has social media but doesn’t really post on it. For social media to be a good tool for your company they have to use it. To get visibility, you have to post content to the people that Like the page so they’ll see it in their news feed.

    I think it’s similar for personal use too. If you go on Facebook once in a while, you might not be a big fan of it. But if you use it often to communicate with people it becomes something you check after your alarm goes off in the morning and before you set your alarm to go to sleep.

    I never really understood blogs before using them. I thought it was some person rambling about something. That’s somewhat true, but it’s not so much rambling. A good blog is more of a crafted communication. I think just like social media, the more experience you have with blogs the “easier” they become to write and more interesting to read.

  3. I can really identify with your point about your company having multiple Facebook pages but not updating them often enough or with the appropriate content. I agree with the point in Socialnomics that a Facebook page or other social media presence should act as a sounding board for new ideas, a forum for customer praise and complaints, and a way for customers to brag about the brand.

    In college, I did a marketing and sales internship with a retail company that placed me in one of their stores. I was asked to create a marketing plan for a new product line, plan an in-store demo event for the new line, and advertise the event. I knew that social media had the potential to be a great way to advertise the new product line and the in-store event, but the company had a strict rule against individual stores using social media. They wanted to maintain one corporate image (and also to avoid multiple Facebook pages). I suppose that in a way this makes sense, but I found it very limiting because it prevented me from using social media to promote the product line and the event.

    I also think in a case where customers don’t have contact with the corporate entity, but rather with an individual store, wouldn’t the stores be better suited to utilize social media to provide customer service than the corporate entity?

  4. I can definitely relate to your “huh?” question about companies and social media because even just a year or two ago, I was scratching my head big-time. I was at this very small, hole-in-the-wall café down in the bayou country in Louisiana, no people or towns for miles around, and they had a “Like Us On Facebook” sign out in front, and I was thinking, “why?” Why would I do that and why would you care?

    Since then, I’ve sort of been forced to ponder it further because I want to use social media to reach out to our campus population. We’ve created a FB page for our Writing Center, and we have some “friends,” but I think they’re mostly people we already knew from our personal FB pages, so I’m not sure how much new traffic we’re generating. But the person managing it tells me not to worry, that we are taking this slow and the people who are joining (other than our personal friends) will stay with us and view content regularly, so I’m trying to watch and learn. The element of FB I find so hard to warp my head around is if all of these people are “liking” everything, how do they find time to do anything else?

    Like you, I’m also not entirely sure I understand the purpose of blogging, since at the moment it seems much like a D2L discussion board. However, I do see some differences, like perhaps a less formal writing style. I’ve been studying some of my classmates who are more familiar with it and trying to learn what I can and yes, like you, telling myself to “embrace blogging.”

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