The “Art” of blogging? has always been intriguing to me but, at the same time, has never been something I really felt comfortable doing.  First and foremost, I never felt like I had anything interesting to write about. I have a very normal (sometimes very boring!) life with kids who rarely give us trouble and aren’t at that super cute stage where they are making major milestones on a regular basis.  Those milestones takes much longer to appear now and blogging once a year didn’t make much sense. After all, isn’t that what the obnoxious braggy holiday cards are for?  When I was working as a Realtor, I tried blogging as a “Subject Matter Expert”.  Well, I learned pretty quickly that even after 10 years in the business, you will never feel completely like an expert so why in the world would anyone ever want to read what I had to say? And then, of course, is that obnoxious fear factor side to blogging.  What if someone makes a comment on what I post and it ends up being a nasty comment?  Real Estate brings enough toughness into the world, I didn’t need to introduce another source for potential nastiness!

So imagine my surprise when last semester I had Engl-700 Rhetorical Theory with Dr, Pignetti and found out we would be blogging on a weekly basis.  I definitely had mixed emotions at first.  A little bit of nervousness and also excitement.  Sometimes we (well, I do for sure) have to be forced out of our comfort zone to do something that we found intriguing but never tried.  Those first couple of posts were pretty torturous!  To think that this blog wasn’t just the safety of the class members on the D2L discussion boards, it was a blog that anyone can find and comment on (that fear factor was screaming loud and clear!).  And . . . that is exactly what happened to another classmates blog post.  After the initial shock of the comment from the “outsider”, and several comments back and forth asking the commenter to have some blogging manners, my worst blogging fear had come and gone.  To my surprise, the world didn’t end.  And the blogging continued.

I still envy those who can just write about simple everyday things and make it sound so elegant and effortless.  Blogging isn’t as much of a challenge for me as it was in the beginning but I don’t think I will ever master the “Art” of casual written conversation in the public sphere where posts from years before can come back and haunt you.  I think I will leave that to my annual Christmas card letter.

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  1. Jennifer,

    You articulated some of the same thoughts and fears I’ve had about blogging when I’ve dabbled in it previously and as I blog this semester. I definitely identify with feeling like my life isn’t typically interesting enough to blog about, no matter how creative the writing. I also feel like no matter how much you know about a subject, it’s still hard to play the role of online Subject Matter Expert. I’m glad that your fears about blogging were eased once they came true- I hope that happens for me as well! Thanks for your post, and hopefully casual written conversation will become easier for all of us this semester.

  2. Hmm, It is good to be reminded that the specter of the vicious comment is not really as scary and horrible in reality as it seems in theory. It is a good reminder, though, to take care in the words you use, because they certainly can and will come back to haunt you later. While we certainly can’t control other people’s responses, we can be careful about what we write in order to at least not merit great censure. You point out as well that others were not impressed with the nastiness displayed, which I always find encouraging. . There seems to perpetually be someone who is ridiculous in their comments, but it is nice that the majority of readers will try to be more fair.

    I can also see how that would make being an SME even more difficult, especially in an area in which you don’t feel profoundly comfortable.

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