Testing, testing… What I’ve Learned from Blogging

Greetings, fellow bloggers.

ENGL-745 will be the third course I’ve taken requiring me to create regular blog posts.  As a result, I believe that I can share what I have learned in my experiences as a blogger  with confidence.  Feel free to read, reflect, and evaluate.

  • Blogging really put me “out there” in terms of who can see and read my posts.  On multiple occasions, I have had digital strangers bash on my ideas when I am simply trying to fulfill a post requirement for a course!  On the flip side, I have had friends call or text me to say “Hey! I was googling and found the blog you write for graduate school!”  Yes, this has happened to me!
  • Blogging can be very insightful and challenging.  Becoming a blogger is “taking control of your own learning, finding your own voice, and expressing your own opinions” (Walker, 2005, p. 2).  Although blogging is not considered academic writing, I have discovered that I learn more practical things from blog posts – I think it is important to have a mix of academic and practical.
  • Blogging requires me to engage in the rhetorical process much more than I had anticipated.  When I write my posts, I tend to take into consideration my fellow classmates and my professor (audience), decide the overall message I want to convey (purpose), and how the heck I am going to translate my ideas into to a fun blog post with a cool title (context).
  • Blogging is actually really difficult.   When I started blogging, I found it incredibly challenging to break away from formal writing and use “blog style.”  (When in doubt, use bullet points.)  I had to reassure myself multiple times that it was acceptable to use first person and less-than-academic language in my posts.
  • Blogging can create a sense of community.  I hope in this class, since we all belong to the same blog, we can grow and learn together.  We may not all always read the same texts or understand them in the same way, but I hope that over the course of the semester, we can put our digital heads together and create some insightful conversations!

I hope everyone is looking forward to getting started as much as I am!  Good luck fellow bloggers, and may the students of ENGL-745 Fall 2013 have the greatest blog posts yet!


Walker, J. (2005). Weblogs: Learning in public. On the horizon, 13(2), 112-118.

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