My experience and thoughts on blogging

I took Rhetorical Theory in the Spring 2013 semester.  At that time I never thought of myself as someone who has blogged.  I realized writing my introduction blog post for that class, I had blogged before using sites like LiveJournal.  Also, in a previous job, I helped write and edit content for the company blog.  The Rhetorical Theory course, similar to this one, used a blog as a class tool.  By no means would I say I’m a blogging expert, but I’m not new to the blog scene either.

I think the article 16 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners has some good insight to those looking to start blogging, or even those that do blog and are interested in taking their blog further.  I think the tip that says “write for yourself” makes a great point.  We’re in a society where everyone is crunched for time.  If you’re going to take time to blog, do it for you.  I have had friends that started blogs to try to make money from it, realized it takes time to build a blog that can produce revenue, and then quit.  It wasn’t something they really wanted to spend their time on, they just wanted a quick buck.  As the article also states, give it time and be willing to fail.  The odds are a blog won’t go viral in an evening.


If you’re blogging because you want to, another good point the article makes is to keep your audience in mind.  A friend of mine has a blog that she doesn’t update that often, but when she does the content is true to the blog description.  It’s clear she writes for herself, thinks of her audience, but just doesn’t have the time to really commit to blogging.  I like that the blog is focused on cooking and it doesn’t focus just on her words, it also provides pictures and recipes.  Check it out, if you’re interested


I look forward to seeing all of your introduction posts and reading your thoughts as we go through the semester.

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  1. I’m glad that we have a fairly seasoned blogger among us! I found your post concise yet engaging. I really enjoyed the pictures and the way you related the blogging tips from the article to your personal experience. I look forward to reading more of your entries this semester.

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