Blogging: Rising to the Occasion or Being Swept Away

Not long ago, my wife and I were canoeing Mud Creek between the Collins Marsh and the Manitowoc River. We pulled into an eddy below the dam at the south end of the marsh to watch the carp trying to hurl themselves upstream and over the dam. Who can blame them for trying to move out of a dwelling as ingloriously named as “Mud Creek” to the more middle-class neighborhood of Collins Marsh? It’s kind of like the American Dream–upward mobility in a very literal and metaphorical way.


But they are carp. Just carp. What are the chances they can actually better themselves? What is the likelihood that a bloated carp can ever lift itself out of the only mud it has ever known and wallowed in, to find a new home in a cleaner community? And even if one did succeed, could it ever be accepted as something other than a carp? It’s a tough name to overcome.

Most of the carp we watched smacked right into the concrete wall of the dam and splatted into the muddy water of the creek. A few made it to the top of the dam, floundered around, not knowing what to do with their unexpected progress, only to be swept back down by the relentless current. Not once did we see a carp make it out of the creek and into the marsh.


Progress, but not for carp.

That’s kind of how I see myself in this situation. What do I know about blogging? Nothing. And the obstacles in my way look pretty tall and solid. Add to that the fact that once I become somewhat familiar with one web tool, I find 28 new web tools. The new technology forces the old items over the dam, dragging me further and further down stream.

Splat. Yup. Back in Mud Creek.

About Rob_Henseler

Rob has been teaching high school English and Language Arts for 20 years. When he's not at school, he enjoys making and listening to music, woodworking, canoeing, and hands-on traditional skills.

Posted on September 16, 2012, in Literacy. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I’d say you cleared the blogging dam and are swimming in a higher class of mud now. I thought your post was both funny and creative–really good metaphors!

    I know what you mean about the proliferation of communication tools. I still haven’t quite figured out why I would want to follow anyone on Twitter.

  2. I had such a hard time getting the darn blog to actually go public. Creating the draft was easy enough, but publishing took time. I was using my iPad and just couldn’t find the button for publishing–for at least an hour.

  3. I really enjoyed your post as well. Your story-telling and photos did the trick. Seems to me that you are further up the creek than you think. (Haha – couldn’t resist!)

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