Blogging: Not a newbie, but not an expert either

I don’t consider myself to be an expert in the blogosphere, but I wouldn’t categorize myself as a beginner either. I’ve used free blog offerings in the past – ie. BlogSpot, but about nine months ago switched over to WordPress.

For my purposes, I use and follow blogs that are done in a conversational style, are easy to read and aren’t overloaded with content. As a former newspaper editor, I relish white space and get overwhelmed if there’s too much going on. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into each post.

Personally, I set-up a family blog about five years ago as a means of saving money and not having to print hundreds of photos of my children to mail out to family members. Instead, I posted the pictures to the family blog and if family members wanted to print them off, then they had that option. I still use our blog for this reason. We had family pictures taken by my sister this past weekend and posted them to our blog for friends and family to see. We’ll make copies for grandparents and parents, but are happy not to be making 100+ copies of photos every time one of the kids does something adorable. We’re soon to have four kids so that’s a lot of photo prints!

As we entered into the adoption world, I realized how fantastic and educational following other families’ blog was so we started our own adoption blog, and later decided to merge previous blogs into one so everything is at We’re planning to blog while we’re in China next month to adopt our son, Blake. This will allow friends and family members to follow on our journey of a lifetime.
This is a recent picture that we received of our little guy last month. I can’t wait to love on him in a few weeks. We think he’s pretty handsome and are smitten.

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  1. Great first post and Blake is such a cutie!!!! Safe travels when you go!

  2. Aww, Blake is a cute kid. Congratulations on the impending adoption. My son Jack, who is eight now, was adopted. We adopted domestically and connected with his birth mother in Arkansas. While we didn’t have to go to China, we did get to spend a month in Russelville–not a lot of great sight seeing ops. He’s half Hispanic, so I’m sure we get a few looks, but for us it is just how our family is.

    One unanticipated impact of social media on our family is that my wife and I are connected to his birth mother on FB so she can see how he is doing and we can show him some pictures of his birth family. The thought of this would have kinda horrified me if you told me we are going to be doing this before he was born, but I really think it has been great for all of us.

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