Blogging: This and That and Learning

My past experience with blogging has been limited to reading many, but authoring few. I enjoy the world of blogs very much: whether it be I am in need of a recipe (, a pick-me-up ( or possibly just a laugh ( Okay the last one isn’t a blog, and contains much more than just humor, but you get the gist: I like online content. Period. I like that it is small, bite-sized chunks of information on any topic you can think to enter into the search bar. What isn’t to like?

I also enjoyed learning via blogging with Dr. Pignetti’s Rhetorical Theory class this past spring. For me it was a very engaging way to learn and exercise newly forming thoughts on the subject matter. The interaction between students and their differing points-of-view made it all the more interesting.

This leads me into our reading Learning With Weblogs: Enhancing Cognitive and Social Knowledge Construction. The research preformed by Du and Wagner suggested that blogging enhanced the research subject’s learning in multiple ways. Included below are those I have personally witnessed:

  • Students were more actively participating in their learning, which suggests better retention.
  • The professor was able to more quickly identify students who were in need of additional help understanding subject matter and quickly respond.
  • Students engage with other students via comments and from there grows a social aspect to learning.

Although blogging may not replace classrooms anytime too soon, (despite the predictions of Epic 2020) I certainly feel they have added to my learning experience. In addition, with plans to build on and include social media skills in my professional future, my résumé is also feeling the love.

I’ll end with a picture, just for the sake of saying I posted one… and yes, I found it on Pinterest.

Creative Inspiration.


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  1. That is so weird that you included a link to that Epic 2020 video. I work in a corporate training department and a guy in our department sent that to everyone. It caused kind of an uproar. I don’t know about the time frame, but I think it is right on. There must be some reason that heavyweights like Stanford and MIT are falling all over themselves to give away their content.

    • I was just introduced to that video last week, so I couldn’t help but include the link! It is completely interesting and I’m not saying without merit. But, I don’t see it completely taking over and if nothing else I would think it doubtful by 2020. That said I have not done any research and am just sharing an opinion. I was blown away by the technology behind Kahn Academy. Wow.

  2. Excellent variety of info here! From links to bulleted lists to an image, I hope we all take such advantage of the blogging platform!

    • I may have a slight obsession with bulleted lists. I guess I either need to blog or write marketing pieces to really find my fit!

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