To Email or Not To Email?

I found an interesting article here that talks about a French information technology company who is implementing a zero email policy where they don’t allow internal emails, but rather urge employees to use instant message and other networking tools.

Interesting! My thought is: if they’re still using other tools to communicate internally, will it really save time or is it just shifting that time to other communication methods?

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  1. I actually have strong feelings about email and messenger. In the company I work for, the main office is in Texas as many of you know. This means that we will use messenger for short messages from time to time. Here are my problems:

    1. Some people feel that Messenger is an immediate line to the other side.
    2. There are times that it is important to document conversations.
    3. You cannot efficently forward or reply at a later date to a Messenger conversation.

    Regarding the first element, it is impossible for the other side to know if you are on the phone, speaking with someone else on messendwger (don’t you just hate answering the wrong person?) or otherwise temporarily indisposed. If I set my status to “away” I will hear “is she in today”, and if I leave it as “available” and don’t answer, I get nudged, questioned and one-lined until I want to scream.

    The second element is less annoying and more of an issue for me. If I am going to schedule a meeting, ask for pricing or other technical information, I want it in writing! If “good fences make good neighbors” than to have it in writing is the way to good company relations as well.

    Lastly, I always considered messenger messages the same as a telephone conversation – immediate, unofficial and not to be saved or archived. I don’t tape my phone calls and review them later for accuracy, I surely don’t want to have to trudge through messenger archives.

    • Robin – thanks for your reply! I was thinking about the EXACT same thing when it came to problems that could arise from eliminating email usage. In fact, there have been multiple times at work where I’ve looked back at a string of emails to refer to something as “proof.” That would definitely be lost if I was forced to use messenger.

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