Final Paper Topics

Just wondering what everyone else has been researching for their final project! I know personally the end of the semester crunch is starting to get to me, but I was interested in what everyone else in the class had chosen for their topic 🙂

I chose to research the question, “Has the advancement in communication technologies i.e. texting, social networking, email, skype, etc. made an overall positive or negative impact on our society?” There is so much information to sort through on this topic, which is great, but I’m finding myself sifting through a lot of opinion based articles rather than factual information. I think in some ways I may be able to utilize bits and pieces of the opinion based articles for supporting details, since the opinions are from members of our society. I will be interested to see what ends up to be my final product!

Good luck to everyone on their final papers, only a few weeks left of the semester! Break is almost here! 🙂

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  1. Rachel, I am actually sitting here working on my proposal. Because I signed up for the first SKYPE spot, I had to kick it into gear to get this done. Not sure that was my smoothest move. Good thing I work well under pressure!

    I will be posting, probably tomorrow in a bit more depth, but since you asked, I am writing on iPads and electronic documentation. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart so should be fun. My only real problem so far has been the constraints of our focus. I am more of a creative writer and find myself writing to entertain as well as inform. This could be either construed as a easy to understand style, or a black mark on my present college career.

    Time will tell! Maybe I can become a bit more stoic over the course of the next couple semesters 🙂

    I really like the topic you picked and hope I can see more of what you write on it eventually. Good luck!

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