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Spilka, Chapter 9—E-mail in the workplace seems to mean different things to different people. I think e-mail is only as strong as a company allows it to be. It seems that some companies prefer to only use e-mail when you need to involve a group of people in the communication. At my company, we are supposed to use e-mail all the time. Even if I want to talk to the person that sits next to me, I’m supposed to e-mail them instead of talking to them face-to-face. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever been a part of.

I think the most important aspect when using e-mail is to remember that the person(s) you sent the e-mail to can also send that e-mail message to other people. I think this is why it is very important to be ethical and professional in all e-mail communications. The important thing that I’ve learned is that just because I authored and e-mail, it doesn’t mean that I own it and have control over who views it.

Privacy, Trust, and Disclosure—I thought this was a great article. I pretty much shop online whenever I can and if I don’t trust the company that I’m buying from, I will not purchase anything. I trust Ebay because they’ve always refunded my money when something has gone wrong with a different company that sold me an item through their Web site.


In August, I ordered some seat covers for my golf cart. The company that I bought them from through Ebay sent me the wrong items. I e-mailed the company to get my money back. The company wanted me to pay for the return shipping and then they would refund my money. I told the person that I was e-mailing that I didn’t trust them so I wasn’t going to pay for shipping with the hope that I would get all my money back. The company told me that I can trust them but I didn’t because trust takes a long time to develop in a relationship.

If you’re a company and selling things online, you need to make sure that people get what they expect. If customers are receiving what they expect then they will trust your company and buy more items from you in the future.

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  1. Wow! I can’t believe they prefer for you to only use e-mail to communicate, even if the person is in a close vicinity to you! I can’t say I’ve heard of it being that extreme before, I would have to agree that seems a little ridiculous. I think this can bring up a point that there is definitely a line between utilizing technology to be more efficient and utilizing technology to make the workplace less of a personal place.

  2. Nate,

    There are many ways a company can gain trust. In fact, just having a professional looking website can create trust. For example, what do you find more trustworthy: ebay or Craigslist? I’m assuming you would answer ebay. I am sure that partly has to do with personal experience and company reputation, but I believe it also has to do with the design of their website.

  3. I email the people I sit next to, but I usually tell them what I’m sending, too. If I email, the message usually contains a deadline and something they need to complete before the deadline. That way, the reciever can stay organized and reference the email when necessary. It may sound silly, but I also inter-office IM the people who sit near me at work. Since I sit in an open office environment, I won’t disturb everyone around me, including the person I’m messaging if he or she is in the middle of something. I also find IM good for time management. Before I walk to the other side of the office, I IM people to see when I can talk to them, otherwise, sometimes I catch them in the middle of something and waste time.

  4. Nate, I think you made a REALLY good point about emails and the fact that just because you authored it, doesn’t mean you own it. There have been certain situations where my manager has told me to call a coworker or talk to him/her face-to-face for that very reason – if you write an email, it’s sort of written in stone and can be passed from person to person.

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