Spilka, Chapter 9

I feel this chapter of Spilka specifically lays out the way we all will eventually have to develop a “persona” digitally which we will utilize as technical communication and social media advances. Much of the world has already begun this process by using social networking sites, such as Facebook.  Whether we realize it or not, each of us over time develops our “place” within the social networking site the same way we do or would in the real world. However, Spilka brings up a whole other side of the topic when she discusses the role of professionalism, ethics, and work appropriate personas and how they may be different than in the ‘real world’ due to the issue of efficiency. It is hard to be as professional or ethical on a computer screen as one would be in real life? Is this wrong? Or is it just a part of the persona we’ve developed with time and the use of efficient technology? The chapter gave me a lot to think about. Spilka also brings up the words “hypocrite” and “ethical standards violations,” which sound to me like huge professional personas are different online. What may be unacceptable face to face in a professional situation may be totally acceptable in an email, for instance, and visa versa.

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