Social Media and Aps

Please bear with me as I post this. I am using a WordPress ap on my IPad and unfortunately it is a bit clunky. Over the last week, I have tried to find a way to view more than only my own posts, but alas I have yet to figure that out. So far, this ap only allows me to see and edit my own posts. It seems to be an interface for posting alone.

To this end, it is quite elementary at best for even posting, but I am tenacious – I will see how this works out.

As my topic suggests, this is about more than just WordPress. Tonight, as I was checking out some Twitter posts, I came across a tweet that did more for me than any other since I started stalking the Twitterverse.

The above link is a must-see for any aspiring Twitter-er? Tweetster? Oh heck, you get the picture. Unfortunately, his reference to an IPad ap (TweetDeck) is a bit premature – there is only a workable ap for the iphone. But, never fear, I plan on testing it out on my laptop.

Oh yea, I suppose I need to take a picture to test this ap and post it here. Let me see if there is a photo option….. alas there is not, but that is all the better because I look like hell right now.

Wait, I found it – here is a picture of my puppy, Spaz. She is sitting here waiting to watch the #DWTS result show – OOPS, I mean Dancing with the Stars.


Well, for some reason,I am having trouble now seeing what I type because the program will not scroll. In the end, I think this ap needs a bit of work!

One last thing, are we allowed to link our posts here to twitter if we want to share them?

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  1. Hi Robin,

    It’s neat that you’re trying out WordPress with your iPad and letting us all know how it’s going. Just a suggestion, as you create links, I think it would be more useful for readers if you would hyperlink this: instead of WordPress (the forum we’re already on) or iPad/Apple (something your readers are most likely familiar with). Just trying to be helpful 🙂

  2. Natalie,

    Good point! Actually, I saw that and debated on altering it after I posted it. The reason I debated was that it shows the differences between using the Ap and posting through the normal framework of WordPress.

    Because you noticed this as a deficiency in the Ap and something that was an issue, maybe leaving it was the right choice?

    I wish I could get a job testing Ipad aps! (then again, when I was a child, I wanted to raise unicorns too)

  3. Since this is the course blog, I’d edit the post to make it less stream-of-consciousness and instead reflect upon the differences between app and desktop interface.

    Quick question about the WordPress app: When reading, are you able to see how many comments each post has? I used to be able to and now it always lists zero. I deleted the app and then reinstalled, but there’s still the same issue. I hope they offer another update soon!

    • I am now in the ap once again and after further investigation have found a way to read the comments and reply to them. By clicking on the right side (showing the post)snd then clicking on the eye icon below, a finished look appears in a pop up box which allows to view and enter comments.

      I am still unable to see anyone else’s original posts; however. The only posts that populate the left side of the app are ones that I have posted myself. The error message I receive says that I do not have authority.

      I, like you, cannot wait for a more comprehensive update.

      And, on another note. I recently purchased new hosting for a new domain ( The new site offers WordPress application options. To utilize this, I had to upgrade my account, but should be able to see what this is all about soon.

      • I’m on my new iPad now and cannot see the menu you describe. On my iPhone I can read the 745 blog but there is no reading option here, just creating or editing posts. Weird.
        I do see that eye thing you mention when I login to WordPress in safari tho…

        • I believe the problem is that with the ap, you can only see and adjust whatever follows a post you have made since accessing the application. On mine, I can only read the three posts I have originated since installing and logging into the ap. Try posting an original from the application and see if it will show up.

          Unfortunately, I would only be able to respond from my PC because my version of the ap will not show your new post, only my original posts and threads after that.

          I hope this makes sense. If not, I can probably post an image of what I am seeing.

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