Careful What You Post/Like

I want to focus this post on a key point in Qualman chapter 8 because it applies to something I heard on the radio today. Qualman (2009) said, “Search engine results and the traditional Internet advertising model are antiquated–social media will push both of these to revolutionize otherwise they will see a dramatic decrease in market share” (P.237). On the radio today I heard that Google will start indexing people’s Facebook posts. There is a story about it here:


It is kind of scary for Facebook users that people may have the ability to find your Facebook posts with a Google search. Of course, if you you have your privacy settings set right, it will never be a problem.

It makes perfect sense for Google to make the move to indexing Facebook posts. Google wants their search results to be up-to-the-second accurate, and people’s Facebook posts are as current as it gets.

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  1. Chris—

    The question I have with people seeing my Facebook posts in a Google search is if everything is going to be taken out of context. A lot of what I write on Facebook only relates to that moment in time. If someone is reading a status update that I posted too far in the past, it might not make any sense and it could also make me look worse than how I already make myself look on Facebook.

    I’m not talking about status updates that I wrote a year ago, I’m talking about status updates that I posted over the weekend. There are news stories that happened last weekend that I posted about and now they are not relevant. If people see them, are they going to realize that that status was written when that particular story was a current event or are they going to think that I’m an idiot?

    I guess either way they would be correct.

  2. Google used to include “realtime” search results, primarily in the form of Tweets, but this article tells us that that has been disabled, with hopes for Google+ to take over:

    With all the competition between Google+ and Facebook, I’m surprised to hear this.

  3. As a Facebook user, I dislike people being able to find me through a google search. However, I think it’s a smart move for Google to move into the space and somehow connect itself with Facebook.

    The fact that Google disabled their real-time search capabilities is a maybe not the best move because first and foremost Google is a search engine and I’m not sure if taking away from that is the smartest thing to do. I’m interested to see how this will play out with Google+.

    This is an old article but I found it interesting that Facebook went into lock-down mode for 60 days (Mark Zuckerberg actually had a neon lockdown sign above his office door) during the summer of 2010 to revamp their site in order to compete with Google+. (

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