Advertising through Niche Market Bloggers

While reading Chapter 8 in Socialnomics, they talked about the paid-for-search programs they had in place. It was great to learn about how those function and actually put cash back into the consumers pockets because I’ve heard about them before but never really understood the mechanics.  The same principal applies on advertising on blogs – blog owners get paid based on blog reader clicks.

From what I understand, bloggers often sign up with a company that provides the advertising that the author, in turn, posts on their blog. I know there have been blogs that have been scolded by their readers because their ads are for controversial companies or companies that are known to support controversial causes.

Additionally, and I see this more often (I follow a lot of blogs!), companies often get out information about their products or services through blogs. I think it’s great that companies are so in touch with their customer base that they know the blogs that reach their wider customer base. And people who read the blogs trust the author on the subject their speaking on, so if they give an honest, positive review, there’s a greater chance that those who read the blog will view the product the same way.

For example, one of the blogs I read on a regular basis is Clean Eating Chelsea ( and she regularly reviews products sent to her by food companies. She takes posts beautiful, sharp photographs of the food she’s sent and honestly reviews it. It costs the company the cost of the product and the cost of shipping but that more than makes up for it with a positive review that’s basically “free” advertising. Sometimes the company will send additional products to the blogger to offer to their readers in the form of a giveaway. It’s an extremely cleaver, inexpensive way for companies to reach a particular market.

Here is one of her reviews on coconut oil:


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  1. Great example. Could you link to more of these product placements?

  2. I have a couple of favorite blogs too, Stephanie, and for the most part, I like how they’ve handled endorsements. One of my favorites is She and her family live off her blog. A lot of people didn’t like the fact that she would endorse products, but she basically explained that her family couldn’t afford to not leverage her sphere of influence.

    I like the fact that she is TOTALLY upfront about her endorsements. Sometimes she’ll do short vlog series and they are usually paid for by a sponsor, and she just comes right out and says it, and their logo is right there on the frame of the video. She did one on redecorating one of the rooms in her house that was sponsored by Verizon, although I have no idea why.

    She also sometimes has banner ads that feature her picture. They’re kind of annoying.

    Since she’s a graphic designer, there are lots and lots of products she endorses without payment from the vendor, because she has a “style” section on her blog. She’s an awesome photographer, and she takes pictures of things she likes and then talks about them – usually from a design standpoint. She gives credit to her source, whether it’s a store, or someone on Here are a few examples:

    • I’ve heard of! From what I remember, she is pretty sassy! I am a big fan if the blogger states up front that they’re being paid and endorsing a product. It builds maintains their credibility as the sole voice to the blog, which is how they started in the first place.

      And, honestly, if you do want to make a living blogging, it’s pretty inevitable that you’ll have to allow advertising and endorse products. I wouldn’t complain too much with the free stuff I’d get!

  3. I didn’t get why Chelsea put so many pics of Kelapo throughout her post at first. I see she was trying to be subtle. I wonder if Chelsea’s website has a counter to see how many hits she gets, or is her traffic counted merely through who has friended or is following her. Maybe a company would want to know how many potential hits they would get before sending products to her.

    It looks like an interesting blog, Stephanie…thanks for sharing.

  4. I know sometimes the bloggers offer a discount on the particular product they’re endorsing and publish a promo code that’s linked to their blog, which I think makes sense from the company’s prespective so they’re able to track where their orders are coming from.

    As for the 8 million pictures – I’m not sure either. I know a lot of the food blogs capitalize on photography but in this situation, it’s the same jar of coconut oil with different angles. Good point, Natalie!

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