Qualman, chapter 8

In chapter 8, Qualman warns to never “build your own Field of Nightmares by building or replicating a social network for your company.” I found this quote particularly interesting since the audiology practice where I work utilizes both a major social media tool, Facebook, as well as a company based site run by our 3rd party investors. Our 3rd party investors created a site called “The CEO” that only members can access. The site works a lot like Facebook, where there is a chat and message feature, as well as a wall to post on and personal pages. I feel in some ways Qualman is right, but not in others. I think if a company were to create a social media site for the public, it would fail because it would only cater to a fairly small population. However, for our practice, CEO is an excellent way for us to connect with other practices and audiologists in our field since it is strictly limited to those who are a part of the organization. Since the site is based around a network of practices all endorsed by the same company, we have so much to gain from one another.

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  1. I took what Qualman said to mean that companies should not put all their eggs into the social media basket. I think that while sites like these can be effective now, there are two elements that may be of concern.

    1. sometimes marketing fads can wane and leave a lot of setup money and effort behind
    2. new technology could come along to replace the present social networking elements that can create disjointed consumer relationships

    The last ten years has seen a monumental amount of growth through technology – I wonder what the next 10 will bring?

  2. The site you described – The CEO – sounds very interesting and I like that you’re able to connect with others in your field. Do you share trends and new technologies in your field? Is there ever “competition” where you feel you can’t share certain information?

    My friend is really into networking events and connecting with others in her field and I’m curious if it’s similar.

  3. Rachel—

    I like the CEO feature that your company setup. I think many companies could benefit from features like that. My company has two main locations (one by Madison, WI and one in Minneapolis, MN) and I think it would be nice if we had a blog or something so we could share information and feel more connected. Right now, the only way we connect is on an individual level and it’s usually by e-mail or the telephone. I think a blog or “The CEO” would be great so employees could get to know people that are in a different branch of the company. Just because you don’t directly work with someone doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get to know them. I think the more people you know within an organization, the better the organization is going to be because not everyone shares the same job, but I think everyone shares the same goals.

  4. Rachel,

    I bet The CEO your company set up works great for you need it to do. At the U of M, everyone just got access to Google+ through our university Gmail. It is really cool because the you can set up circles that just contains your colleagues and share only with them. It works great…so far…

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