U of M Finally Goes Social

So I complain a lot about my organization not using social media effectively. Well, Google turned on Google+ plus for their educational edition and the University of Minnesota jumped on board. Read the story here: http://blogs.twincities.com/yourtechweblog/2011/10/27/the-u-of-m-a-google-apps-using-school-embraces-google/

I am wondering what happens when a University doesn’t just allow its employees/students to use social media but actually encourages/expects them to by making it an available University tool? Will people be more apt to collaborate and engage if they are doing it through University provided service that is tied to their University account instead of a personal account? It’s interesting to think about.

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  1. It is interesting you post this at this time. I am on the horns of a dilemma. Our company has launched a Facebook page and wants us all to “like” the page through our Facebook. I, personally, consider my personal Facebook page to be just that – Personal. As a matter of fact, I need to make a major change to mine SOON!

    When I first started with this company, the owner, his wife, son and a co-worker all asked to be friends of mine. At the time, I was new to Facebook so accepted. Worst mistake I could have EVER made! There is much wisdom to keeping a modicom of privacy – holding some things back.

    With this in mind, I will be broaching the subject at the Christmas Party. I will simply say that I am “remaking” my personal space on the internet and will only be allowing close friends and family on Facebook. Worse that can happen is that I get fired, and since I am the top salesperson and IT Goddess I don’t think that will happen. If it does, I will have more time for schoolwork *giggle*.

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