Reading-Appropriate Photo Post

I was just surfing on Pinterest, and I saw this. I’ve been filling my head all day with Turkle and Jenkins and it was so spot-on, that I had to share:

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  1. Wow! That definitely links with the reading spot on! I think it is a good representation of how our communication with others has changed, for both the good and the bad.

  2. Rachel,

    Yes, Turkle in her interview states that technology can be applied in good ways and bad ways. We need to embrace the good and discard the bad ways in order to be good citizens.

  3. The person who threw that party might be a control freak! :-O 🙂

  4. True, but I see the point. If you’re going to be together, be together. I was in a wedding yesterday and as part of the welcome, the pastor had to emphatically stress that cell phones needed to be turned off. Not vibrate. Turned off. I would think that would be common sense. Maybe cell phone manufacturers should start including a phone etiquette guide…

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