“it’s this thin geeky line that keeps it going”

Because I watched this video with my freshman today and because of Chris’s comment to Nate’s post, I thought it might be nice to share Jonathan Zittrain’s TED talk on some of the nicer things that happen on the web.

For more on the community ethos of Wikipedia or what Zittrain refers to as “random acts of kindness by geeky strangers,” be sure to watch Jimmy Wales’ TED talk too. Actually, while I’m link sharing, I also came across this story on the success of Wikipedia today.


via Jonathan Zittrain: The Web as random acts of kindness | Video on TED.com.

Posted on October 13, 2011, in Trust. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I really enjoyed these vids. It was a welcome breath of fresh air after reading so much Spilka and Turkle. They are both thought-provoking and excellent materials, but they’re a bit on the depressing side. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Thanks for sharing the vids so true people are less kind these days. Zittrains talk was enlightening the facts about the internet are quite interesting. I previously overlooked the fact that there is no one in charge of managing the internet when listening to his talk I realized that we are all contributors to this versatile tool and that is how one can confirm the power of social media through the way we use the internet globally on daily basis.

  3. I enjoyed the materials you had to share! It’s nice to have outside sources that correlate with the class material, for me it makes it easier to grasp the concepts and see how they work in the real world. Awesome!

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