Netflix Caves

I just heard on the news this morning that Netflix abandoned its plans to split their service into two (video streaming and DVD rentals). I can’t help but wonder how much of their decision was driven by social media. I know their was tremendous opposition to their plan and clearly remember the Twitter wire lighting up with #netflix hashtags.

If you are interested the story can by found here:

Here is one interesting line from the story. “The move baffled many and was perhaps further complicated by the fact that Netflix had no control over the @Qwikster Twitter account.”

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  1. We have had netflix for years, and to be honest while it was a great service for a while, the love for the mail system waned for me. It actually became a chore to search for new movies to get each week and then find time to watch them.

    The biggest deciding factor was when Netflix agreed to hold off renting new movies for a time to give the retail stores time to sell them.

    Above is a link to the full story which was presented in January 2010. This was really a turning point for me, because up until then I had utilized the mailbox service to preview new movies before buying them and adding them to my collection.

    On the other hand, the on-demand system I utilize with my ipad is so amazing! I can watch what, when and where I want to! I wonder if this type of delivery will do away with the collections that many of us have. I recently donated 12 boxes of over 500 VHS movies to the local library. They sold them to make money to purchase DVD movies, go figure.

  2. Chris, I’m so glad you highlighted that point about the lack of control Netflix would have over the Qwikster twitter account. Intriguing to say the least! I know last Fall a grad student wrote her final paper on celebrities being paid to tweet for advertising & endorsement purposes, so this adds a new twist to the customer service & corporate merger scenarios.

    Robin, I can’t tell you how much time & money I’ve saved now that we’ve switched to only instant Netflix (which we watch via our AppleTV & I control via the Remote app on my iPhone). Talk about convenience!

  3. Ha. That’s hilarious, Chris. The article you referenced on Jason Castillo stated that he had 500 followers when the article was posted on September 19th. This guy has over 10,000!

    I wondered what kind of rights companies have on Twitter for ownership of names like @Nike, etc, and I ran across this blog that discusses companies who don’t own their own Twitter accounts. It mentions brand “hijacking” in specific cases: (not a real company account) (not a real company account) (not a real company account) (private account) (not a company account)

    The article states that a company can appeal abuse or misrepresentation in order to gain control of a username, but this certainly is a gray area.

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