RIP Steve Jobs

In Laura Gurak’s 2001 book Cyberliteracy: Navigating the Internet with Awareness, she defines “cyberliteracy” as inherent of four traits:

  • SPEED:  the Internet inspires speediness; it is one of the key features of Internet communication.  And this speed inspires certain behaviors and qualities.
  • REACH:  partner of speed and one of the axioms of communication technology.  Digitized discourse travels quickly and it also travels widely to reach thousands, even millions, quickly!
  • ANONYMITY:  sometimes you really never know who is at the other end of an electronic text.  In cyberspace, the identity behind what you see floating on the screen is not always what you imagine.
  • INTERACTIVITY:  online communications technologies allow you to talk back.  Interactivity inspires us to consider—access to the inner circle [everyone can be part of the discussion and step through the screen], capacity to talk back [form communities of common interest], a two-way presence online [the lure of an audience of millions], ecommerce and connections to the customer [ways for customers to interact with each other and with customer service], privacy [more interactive a site, the greater the potential for privacy problems]

I mention this tonight to call attention to the first two traits. The speed with which news of Steve Jobs death has spread across Twitter and Facebook is astounding. And many of the “RIP” messages and memorials exemplify the reach he and Apple products have had over the years. now looks like this:




with the following call on  “If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email”

Google and already have tributes up as well, but I’m most interested in seeing what Apple does with the emails it receives. Online memorials & crisis communications are very interesting to me…I’ll write more on this as the news emerges.

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  1. Sad, may his soul rest in peace. We will ever remember him and his legacy will always be appreciated. He is dead but his great work will always live. What a great man he was death is a thief.

  2. iSad

    I heard it first from my officemate who read it on Facebook from a friend.

  3. I saw that Steve Jobs passed away when I logged into my Macbook because I have the USA Today as my homepage. I didn’t read the article from the USA today. Instead, I went to Twitter to see what people were saying and then I went to Facebook to see what my friends were saying.

    • Exactly. I read about it on twitter and am still amazed at all of the infographics and links people are sharing to mark his legacy.

    • I have recently joined the “twitter revolution” and this is where I first saw the news as well. What I did not see was anything relating to Steve W. Maybe I have just been out of the loop forever; however, wasn’t he also partly responsible for all that Apple is? Interesting how what we receive as news today is shaped by so many individuals, not just the 3 “bigs”.

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