Qualman and Social Media

Qualman incorporated quite a number of examples to promote his idea about the popularity of social media. I found Dancing Matt-Something to Chew On interesting amongst them all. The idea of Mathew Harding quitting his job to travel and filmed his dance for entertaining is unique. The video passed around by email is evident enough to promote social media. The statistics revealed that Matt’s server received 20,000 hits a day is alarming. I like the way Qualman , 27 describes the beauty of the video with no language barriers because visual rhetoric is self explanatory.

This connects well with visual rhetoric because a good visual design works the same way as an argument, conveying information without excessive elaboration. Qualman  further gives a good description of Matt’s video. He said,  “it really makes you feel good about us one day eventually all being connected globally”. To me it seems that with social media a person can connect anywhere. With social media we can be able to do anything because social media will always be our mouthpiece.

I like the idea that Qualman mentioned about the success of a brand because of simply associating itself with social media that is already virally successful which gives other brands something to chew on.

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  1. I feel that a brand that associates itself with various social media outlets sends a message to their followers that they are more than just a brand but a lifestyle that cares about more than just selling a product but making a product that will improve the lives of those that need it. I also feel that because a brand commits itself to social media, they are committing themselves to keeping up with the changes of society instead of being afraid of change.

  2. What’s interesting is that while social media obviously helps us [and companies] connect globally, they also help us connect locally too. When I started teaching at UW-Stout, there were lots of names I needed to learn and with everyone’s busy teaching schedules, I feel I got to know a lot of my colleagues more through Facebook than in the hallways. You could say this blog is doing the same thing for our diverse group of graduate students! 😉

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