Oh, yeah. And Qualman too…

I think it is very interesting to see Qualman’s “Jane the Idaho Blogger” scenario in action. Initially there was little to no major media coverage of the Wall Street protests that are happening. I kept getting updates on my Facebook page linking to blog stories about the protests. I think that so many people were disseminating information that the major media outlets were forced to cover it or look like they were siding with corporate. Silence can be an endorsement.

Back in the olden days, big media could have ignored this and Nobody Would Have Known About it. Had it not been for social media, this would have been a non-story, and the lack of viral information would probably have killed it after the first couple of protests.

Here’s the most recent story one of my friends linked on Facebook: http://wapo.st/qXQExI

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  1. Heidi, I was so excited reading about this as well. What an amazing representation of the power of social media! Of course, not everyone has an “in” with the local political scene, but those that do will be there to act as watch dogs to be sure the real story gets out.

    This is even more powerful than the advent of hand-held video cameras.

  2. Whistle-blowing is something the Mena Trott video I posted a few weeks ago describes. She moves through it quickly to focus on personal blogs that tell stories, but it’s an entire genre within the blogosphere and, as youve noted, can be revolutionary! From Rathergate to the Arab Spring, there’s so much social media has revealed. And we haven’t even uttered the name Julian Assange yet!

  3. It is truly an exciting time. Imagine how much people USED to get away with before social media and cell phone cameras… Hearing about the big-time cover ups is disheartening.

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