Social Media Manager – could be your next title

Lately, I have been trying to check in with the various
social networking sites that I am affiliated. When I stopped by LinkedIn to
update my title at work, I came across this interesting article. It should come
as no surprise today to know that being a beer-loving Facebook diva can earn a
decent living.,0,6158114.story

This fact alone shows the impact of social media on our

The number of social media-related jobs on Monster has surged 75%
over the last year, O'Reilly said. About 155 positions are available a month,
up from an average of 88 a month a year ago.

At first, I thought that the position and the article in
general would be a bit of fluff; however, they are darn serious! To think that
someone is actually monitoring Twitter and Facebook for information about users
that “like” products and services puts an entirely new spin on how I see social

About Robyn Gotch

After many years of quilting, sewing and long-arm quilting for myself, I felt it was time to offer these same services to the public. You will find that because I am a quilter myself, your projects will be treated with the same care and respect that I do my own.

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  1. Hey, it’s a good idea. Good for Pabst. I tip my hat to companies who keep track of what the public is saying, and I appreciate when somebody listens and responds.

    I like how you formatted the quote, too.

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