Yes, social media is for me.

I benefit so much from social media and I believe it is for  me.

Most customers look for information in the internet life has been made very easy with social media because people need not go anywhere but to sit on a chair and get on the internet to brouse for sales and  shop at the comfort of their  homes. I am one person who believe that social media is for me.

Web seminars are becoming popular customers are interested in content that is the reason they visit company’s websites.

I do  a lot of business through facebook. I am a distributor for and an independent consultant for Social media has played a crucial role for me to manage to sell products and recruit other distributors for both businesses .

Benefitting so much through social media gives me confidence that social media is for me. I am not trading social media for anything for now.

About mainjenis

I am a grandma and feel excited about it !

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  1. So you prefer social media for its business uses more than personal connections? I think previous posts stated some resistance so I wanted to make sure.

  2. Yes, I prefer social media for its business uses than personal connections. i do communicate on facebook with siblings overseas but the business aspect seem to benefit me more.

  3. Facebook seems like a great place to sell Mary Kay products. Cosmetics are a personal care product, and Facebook is a personal setting.Have any of your friends ordered Mary Kay from you via Facebook? How do most of your Mary Kay clients place orders with you? Email? Phone? The internet?

    • Natalie,

      Thanks for asking. They do everything through my website and I always get emails whenever there is an order and I action by delivering the products to the person who ordered. The face book account is helpful for advertising only business transactions are done through my website. I advertise facial parties through face book and people respond thats how I benefit through social media.

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