Is Social Media for You?

An quote from this reading really hit home fore me:

“Why should your company have a Facebook presence? Because that’s where your audience is.”

At my job we recently created a Facebook and Twitter account for our patients to follow us and access our information through those two media outlets. Facebook allows our practice to reach countless prospective patients as well as current patients with our advertising and information, all without us spending a dime to do it!

The way the world advertises, persuades, and markets has changed. Companies no longer strive as hard to plaster their faces on highway billboards, but instead they post their ads on social networks such as facebook, since they get the most bang for their buck while reaching the highest number of people. Another advantage to Facebook advertising is through affiliating the different markets and companies with one another. Such as a fishing tackle store being linked with a company that specializes in outdoor equipment. Because all types of advertising can be found with the click of a mouse, a prospective customer can easily find the companies that are best going to fit their specific needs/wants.


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  1. Rachel,

    I also noted that quote and it gave me a clear reason for me to be using facebook to advertise my part-time businesses. I have been doing business through my facebook with my contacts. I have two business websites and I am a distributor for I have seen an amazing growth in both businesses through facebook with my contacts. I am answering the question in the quote. Why I have facebook presence the answer is the same as abovein the quote because its where my audience is.

    I have seen good customers connecting me through my facebook account and I have used facebook as my advertising tool it really works.

    I agree with you that companies need not plaster their faces on highway billboard, life has been made very easy because they post their ads on social networks such as facebook.

  2. Great application of the readings to workplace or as we say in academia, from theory to practice. Can you say a little bit more about your job and its use of Twitter?

  3. I don’t know a whole lot about Twitter personally since I don’t use it, but I believe the woman in charge of our Twitter account encourages patients who are on Twitter to become our followers. That way the patients can stay updated on current changes, screenings, and events going on at our practice.

    • Very cool! Of all the businesses on Twitter, I have to say I’ve had the best experience with American Express. Every morning they tweet, “we’re here to answer questions” and when you do, there’s an immediate reply. Sometimes the answers extend into private messages via the AmEx website, but it’s a really great team for customer service!

  4. I’ll admit it – I’m 27-years-old, a Generation Y-er, and I don’t get Twitter. I don’t get the hype or the whole “#blahblahblah.” But personal feeling aside…

    The company I work for has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, in particular at trade shows or expos that we host. Usually, they’ll have someone Tweeting constantly throughout the event, stating what’s going on at that moment. I think it’s helpful if you’re actually at the event – it could be a good reminder to attend a certain breakout session or attract your attention if there’s a giveaway you’re interested in. Overall, I think it’s a great resource to create awareness. Because we target small businesses and bankers, generally from Generation X and older, I think it’s important to keep it simple and not use abbreviations or Twitter slang.

    • That’s funny, Stephanie. I’m a 40 year old Generation X-er and I don’t get Twitter either. I maintain the Facebook page for my unit, and we have a Twitter feed, but I don’t update it as much. I think there might be an age, right between ours, that really digs Twitter.

      We don’t have that many student followers on Twitter, and I really think Facebook is where the audience for the department is. It’s the professors in the age group in between me and the students that seem to be so captivated by it.

  5. I loved that quote from the reading as well. It amazes me that some companies or organizations are still resistant to social media. It makes absolutely no sense to me. In my opinion, resistance to social media is a stake in the heart to user-centered design. In order to design a customer focused product, you need to know what the customer wants. What better way to learn what customers want than to have constant conversations with them on Facebook or Twitter. Believe it or not, customers know what they want. We need to listen to them.

  6. After reading about Comcast and AmEx communicating with customers via Twitter, I’m intersted in trying Twitter more actively. The issue with Twitter, for me, is that I’m already on Facebook. I don’t want to have to update both. I think one of my friends updates just her Twitter, and somehow, it automatically updates her Facebook. I would feel more comfortable having a public Twitter account, but would like to keep my Facebook private. It just seems like Facebook a bit more private of a forum. I don’t want companies seeing my wall, but wouldn’t mind them reading my tweets.

  7. I knew you could do this, but before you brought it up, Natalie, I didn’t know how. Here’s an article on how to simultaneously and/or selectively update to all your social networking presences:

    I’ll be using this at work so I don’t have go in and update both…

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