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Social Media has played a very important role in our lives both negatively and positively. I will start with the negative impact of social media. According to Qualman,34. Students are experiencing  expulsion from universities for collaborating on Twitter, hi5,Facebook. I think students turn to over share information and teachers and employers do not take the information kindly hence expulsion. The point that Qualman mentioned the advantage of parents being able to follow their teenagers through social networking. Being my sons network is ok but its not worth it. I feel as a parent kids should be free and be guided. Being in my son’s network cannot change anything especially that there  will always preventative behaviors knowing mom is on his network.

Social media can destroy both a person’s and company’s reputation because it enables frustrated customers to instantly post their frustrations. The paparazzi can follow celebrities to an unwelcoming settings like when they even follow a person to cause accidents and death. An example would be the late princess Diana’s tragic accident which was caused by the paparazzi.

On a positive note effective companies spend time addressing and resolving customer complaints. Effective companies relish critical feedback via social media. Customer comments that identify areas for improvement are valuable because it helps companies to improve.

Social media allows people to take an introspection of their lives and this is a positive way of improvement. Society benefit in the process because more people get involved in productive activities.  Social media helps consumers to brag their product.

Baron: My most interesting part on Baron’s passage was the Goffman’s notion of “presentation self” I find his argument very interesting. He said, “people consciously or unconsciously present themselves to others as if they were actors on stage”.

On the type of messages which sometimes are intentionally mispresentation I thought that could be another reason why social media can destroy people.

I liked most in this passage the intertainment messages

Boyd and Ellison: I like the fact I got from their passage regarding  facebook use. According to Ellison,Steinfield and Lampe(2007) Facebook is used to maintain existing offline relationships or offline connections, as opposed to meeting new people. I think this is true.

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  1. Siphewe – I really like the ideas about social media making us more introspective and the concept of presentation of self. The introspection factor is a noble motive. I periodically go through my Facebook posts to see how I am progressing as a person. Am I meeting my goals? Am I stuck in a rut?

    In terms of self-presentation, I feel like I often seem negative in real life, moreso than I do on Facebook. I’m not sure why this is. If someone asks me how I’m doing, I tend toward the truth, which usually isn’t very good self-presentation. Since Facebook is in writing and is archived, I present a more positive “front” to people.

  2. The “performance” metaphor will continue in Turkle’s book, with the gist of it being, the youth who are constantly online & performing in their profiles are exhausted and start to lose their authentic self.

    If I may start to draw some connections, perhaps this is a reason for more parental involvement? Typically parents are discussed in terms of controlling and limited Internet use, but what if they helped monitor how their children are presenting themselves? What might that entail & would it be worth it?

  3. Heidi–

    I totally agree that Facebook is not for meeting new people. I use Facebook to remain fairly current with my friends that I don’t see all of the time. I have friends that I only see a couple of times a year and Facebook is a great tool that allows me to see what their up to so when we meet face-to-face again, it takes away all of the redundancies that come with having no connection with someone for a long time. I already know what their kids are doing and that they went on vacation to Hawaii so we don’t need to talk about it in so much detail.

    I think if Facebook wanted us to meet random people, they would have to setup a main Homepage where everyone on Facebook had to log into to get to his or her account. This homepage would have to have random user accounts that would show up so random people could see them. It would be a lot like MySpace’s homepage, except there would be more blue on it.

  4. My previous comment was for Siphewe, not Heidi. Is there a way to edit comments in WordPress?

    • When I hover over the right sight of the comment two tabs appear: reply and edit. Does it show you that too? If not, you should be able to delete the comment and paste it in to a response to Siphiwe. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

  5. I will address your comment concerning being connected to your children through social networks. Here is may take on it all: This is a scarey and dangerous world which has just gotten even moreso because of social networking. As a parent, it is my job to keep my children safe. I am well aware that I cannot watch them every moment of the day, nor would I want to; however, I want the ability to gather information should the worse happen. I want to be able to go view the people that are on my child’s friends list and see the posts that occur on the open.

    Yes, I monitored our children’s computer time and had all the passwords to every site listed on it.

    Yes, I had access to all their other electronic devices

    Yes, I would take them away if necessary

    Yes – they still love me 🙂

    We all do things in different ways and I am sure you have other ways of keeping abreast of what your child does. I just feel that as a parent I will do whatever is necessary to be sure I can react. Times change and so does parenting it seems.

    • Robin,

      i totally agree with you to do whatever it takes to make sure your children are safe. In my twenty three years of parenting, I have experienced a lot and that is why I wrote that comment not because I am a soft mom no! I have realized that there is no perfect parenting when it comes to bringing up kids. I for one feel deep down in my heart that its good to know what my kids are doing especially in the social networking. I cannot get their passwords but I am in their contact lists. There are things which I feel I should not do in order to maintain the trust between me and my kids. This is the main point which keep that bond between us as family. If I turn to be too much into their business they do not get the strong wilpower its like I am still treating them as babies. It is true we have different approaches to this but the bottom line is parenting has never been easy. You do what you can do to make sure they are safe. I just have another approach which is a personal way of taking care of their business and tracking their movements. That one can be shared here. I am not free with the word yes sometimes I use the word no in order to maintain discipline. When I said kids should be given some space I mean it gives them a strong wilpower to move on their own not always been patronized. I just feel talking and telling them what is good and what is wrong is another good way of keeping them on track. I know social networking sometimes can really get our kids off the ramp. The language in social networking sites and etc. We cannot be our kids 24/7 that is why I feel they should know what is good and bad for them without us as parents being into their business too much. Once we are too strict again its another hazard. I have seen this in my daily experiences and its true. I agree with your last paragraph and you are right we do things differently. I am also raising my side of the coin not really disputing your point Robin please understand I respect your opinion.

  6. To be honest I never have thought about how social networks, such as Facebook, can negatively effect a company’s reputation. The difference between a customer calling with a complaint versus posting it on Facebook is the “filter” factor. If a person calls the business personally, an employee can choose to either act upon the customer’s issue or to deal with it appropriately and allow it to fall by the wayside and be forgotten. However, with Facebook, a person can post whatever they want whenever they want without any filter to block the negative experiences a customer may have had at a business. This action to prospective customers speaks volumes, since they understand how upset they would have to be with a business to type up a public complaint. I wonder if businesses experience more positive or negative effects from having public Facebook accounts and if the ‘free’ advertising is really worth it or if it comes with the unknown “cost” of public customer complaints.

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