WooHoo! I am Blogging

Personal Experience 

I’d have to say that I am not necessarily a fan of blogging–not personal blogging anyways. I don’t care to have people read my daily thoughts because I am just not that exciting of a person. I also don’t care to read other people’s daily thoughts. With that said though, I do see the power of blogs. It makes ordinary people the news writer. They enable people to collaborate and share ideas. And for those reasons, I respect them.

Work Experience

At my job we use a blog to deliver our news, but we use it completely wrong (in my opinion anyways). We do nothing bloggy with it. Basically we enter our news story into the system and then threw RSS it feeds to the news section of our blog. That is cool and all, but it doesn’t allow for any of the cool bloggy stuff like commenting, sharing, rating, and etc. I hope in this class I learn some strategies that I will be able to bring back to my team and advance our use of blogs and other social media.

One last thing before I sign off. I will say that so far I am enjoying this blog more than the discussion board *cough* 1996 social media *cough*.

About chrismoellering

I am pretty much awesome!

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  1. Comments are so important to get feedback, but do you think your job at least benefits from putting stuff online so it’s findable?

    When it gets to final paper time, I think you could definitely focus your research on strategies an office like yours could benefit from.

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