Week 2 | It’s Like a Book, Only Better

Blogging is communicating through reading and writing, but it is reading and writing evolved. From our readings this week, I watched the clip of two monks, one monk trying to show the other monk what a book was on Langwiches.com, “What does it Mean to be Literate?”. That is perhaps a bit how I feel about blogging for the first time, a bit like the confused monk. I’ve only admired other people’s blogs from a distance, but never blogged myself. I found the clip of the monks humorous, so I posted it on my Facebook page. A few friends commented on the link, and two even shared it on their own pages. Even though the friends who shared it on their own Facebook pages were not in the same state as I was, I was able to present the ideas in the clip to them—a distant collaboration. I am hoping that this is what happens through our class blog—meaningful, open collaboration. My thoughts are out there for my class and the world to see.

An image on the same blog post show a poster with all the skills that people can develop when blogging. It’s an extensive list. It includes:

  • Collaboration skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Media literacy
  • Technology skills
  • Typing skills
  • Writing skills
  • Hyperlinked writing
  • Networking skills
  • Information literacy
  • Digital citizenship
  • Reflection skills
  • Publishing skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Global awareness
  • Folksonomy
  • Reading skills
  • Commenting skills
  • Digital footprint

These are a lot of benefits of blogging, especially in our online classroom setting. I didn’t even know what folksonomy was (keywords assigned to images or information—aka, tagging). So, with all these benefits, I’m excited to try blogging—social learning; and I agree with Nate, it seems more conducive to natural communication than D2L.

P.S. Holy cow. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to post this. I need a monk help desk…

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  1. Natallie, thanks for the list of skills you listed that one can develop because of blogging that was real an eye opener to me. I appreciate the list so much! I think blogging enlighten a person by some exposure like travelling. The more you meet with different people the more you learn a lot . The end result you will be a better person because of learning different ideas from different people. I think I appreciate this course it is really going to nourish my computer literacy. Honestly when I saw the course and the blogging material in the syllabus I must confess I was not happy. Fear of the unknown but I am glad I have a different feeling now .

  2. I like blogging because it connects us to different ideas with our bloggers. I have never been so serious about blogging. I have a face book account which I opened through one of my undergrad classes. Since then I have maintained it and have treaded face book as a market place. I just go there when I have nothing to do or when I am tired of studying I go to face book. Someone please correct me I wont be offended if face book settings is not part of blogging. I am not sure about that. I communicate with my siblings in Africa at no expense. Blogging should be encouraged because it is a good way of sharing thoughts. To enrich our minds both academically and personally we need to familiarize ourselves to blogging.

    Sharing ideas can be a good way of adding knowledge. Blogging is a positve way of living because when you have a problem you share with your bloggers. That is a positive way of avoiding suicide because sharing problems and jokes can keep a person healthy.

    After reading about academic blogging I learned the various forms of blogging which I think they are very good and they keep a person very upbeat. Even though other bloggers seem to over share information. I think it depends on an individuals’ preferences. Sometimes bloggers go off limits with over sharing information. Some people even lose jobs because of over sharing information on face book. Blogging in a community or just blogging publicly makes a difference on the aspect of sharing information. I think the academic blogging is the best for me. I like to know what I derive from a movie that is when I watch a movie I just do not watch anything. My point is blogging in a positive way sharing ideas like we are sharing the different opinions on the readings in this class it is ok because we are learning different things and its unlike just sharing personal information which might not even help other people only valuable to self.

    Readings : I liked the idea from the document about academic blogging because of the explanation about the different forms of blogging, journalistic to niche interest and political and personal information at least it gives a person an option of choosing where to fit in all these categories.

    Banal Bohemia from the document, Blogging form the Ivory Tower brought brilliant ideas regarding clarification bout academic blogs they display a number of features of creative labor sharing ideas.
    The positive aspect of conference blogging which I liked because of its positive nature.
    This captures the initial idea I mentioned in my previous paragraph why I like blogging for academic purposes.

    I hope this will get to everybody still trying to get to know blogging.

  3. Siphiwe–posting your ideas here is fine this first week. Now that the conference has started I have very little time to get to my email. Perhaps also post your question about how to post to the Blog Q&A discussion board and someone else in the course can talk you through it? I think you may have to choose the 745 blog versus the one WordPress makes you sign up for, but I could be wrong.

  4. Nice post, Natalie. I like that you included a link to the online reading and that you broke up the text with a list. That makes for better readability!

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