Blogging and The Readings


When I first saw the test post assignment, I thought to myself that I didn’t really have very much experience blogging. I think it’s partially because I start to blog, get bored, abandon blog and then forget all about it.

My first blog was on blogger. I can’t even remember the name. I think it was from 2006, maybe. I wrote about weird and funny things that had happened in my day.

I also have blogged for the Department of Art and Design (now the school of Art and Design). It is really, really low on the priority list for the unit, so I only occasionally post. Mostly I solicit write-ups from faculty since I’m not an expert, but I sometimes write articles.  It’s found here:

I made a recent attempt at blogging. I was focusing on trying to be more mindful of the happiness in my life, so I put this together. However, I kind of got bored talking about what I ate every day, which I discovered was a big factor in my everyday happiness level. Here it is:

I’ve also anonymously guest blogged on a friend’s national blog.

The Readings

There was a lot of ground covered in these readings. In Reid’s “Why Blog” I found some of the reasons my blogs haven’t really been successful. On p. 311, he states “The most challenging task is finding a subject on which to write, or what we rhetoricians term “invention.” That’s one of my biggest problems.

I liked Davies and Merchant’s idea of blogging as a social practice, and was a little surprised at their assertion that blogging was a “seductive” activity, although I have seen why through my own experiences. This article struck a chord with me, because I am really interested in affinity spaces and communities of practice. I didn’t know what they were called, but I was interested in that sense of community that blogs engender. I am so interested in these communities, that I had been thinking about doing my thesis on the phenomenon with regard to memes. I think this will be a seminal springboard for that.

There were great bit and pieces in the rest, like Nardi’s five motivations for blogging, Du & Wagner’s correlation to teaching (which crosses over into my ENGL 750 class) and Gregg’s matter-of-fact, downer Debbie look at blogging for Ph.D. candidates and junior faculty. I really enjoyed reading about SMRs. They seem to make lots of sense.

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  1. Can you tell me more about how the Du and Wagner piece connect to 750? Has the course mentioned teaching with technologies? If so, cool!

  2. Invention and INTENTION are hard aspects for me. Sometimes I find that I begin a blog with a certain goal in mind and by the time I stop typing my journey from POINT A to POINT B has gotten side-tracked by other non supporting subjects. I guess this will be a learning experience for us all!

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