Mayday! Mayday!

Personal Blog:

As if right now, I’m not a fan of (personal) blogging. Hopefully this course will help me get a better understanding of why people blog and why blogging is so mainstream. For me, blogging seams like a lot of work because a blog is almost like a living thing. It needs attention to grow or else it will just sit there and die and nobody will ever see it again. Since I can barely keep myself alive, I highly doubt I could keep a blog alive. A blog also seems to fill the area between a hand-written journal and a personal Web site. Blog authors want to share their thoughts but they don’t want to do it on a personal Web site. This is what I don’t understand. Many blogs seem incomplete because they are ugly, full of typos, and don’t have too much credibility. If a blog was set up like Web site and looked professional, then I might stop and read what is there.

I’ve had a little bit of experience with blogs. By “little experience” I mean I was forced into writing a couple of blogs as an undergrad in college (this is like Déjà vu).

I’m not completely against blogs. It’s just that blogging as I know it, doesn’t interest me at all. I don’t have any desire to share my thoughts with people and I also don’t have any desire to read other people’s thoughts (unless someone has invented a good blue pen).


Group Blog:

I think group blogging makes more sense. For example, in a company environment, I could see a group blog as a great tool for communicating with everyone in an organization. I also think a blog for this class will work really well because we will keep it populated and current. It’s also a nice break from the redundancy of D2L.


Bye now!


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I don't know karate but I can scream really loud.

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  1. This is my first semester with the group blog and I’m loving being able to come to one space and comment freely on posts! I really don’t think I’ll ever do discussion boards again!

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