Robin Gotch – First Post (let’s hope I don’t delete it!) – EDITED 9/21/2011

I had a blog – and I deleted its contents.  I wrote some really cool stuff – but then reconsidered.  I still think what I wrote was good, but realize that more thought and planning is necessary before I jump into the fray. Being a very honest person, the sort of person that you best not ask the question if you are afraid of the answer,  I tend speak my mind and have a very strong personality.

I also want to be hired to write or teach some day!

So, should I blog?  And if I do, should I set limits or should I go “balls to the walls” as is my want and do this thing up right? As you can see, I usually have many more questions than answers – so, should I blog about what and who I am or what confuses me?

In the end, I think the most important thing I need to do is learn. I need to learn about what blogging is, what types of blogs are out there and where I fit in, if anywhere.

Thoughts on the Readings:

There is no question that my own, personal feelings on blogging were quite inaccurate. This is exemplified by my comments above. I was under the assumption that the only good blog was one that dealt with politics or other intense issues. Silly me, blogging is for everyone! In fact, blogging is akin many other internet activities. It provides a cultural release nothing short of a shared online diary for many people. How many people this is shared with is a matter of personal preference. At the very beginning of the article, Why We Blog, it is evident that there is no one reason that people take pen to paper – er – fingers to keyboard, and document what is itching to be told.

I also found it appropriate that blogs are typically found by other blogs. This makes sense to me. I was so unfamiliar with blogs primarily because I was not active in the blogging community. What hit home for me was the statement “Bloggers sometimes poured out their feelings or ideas and sometimes struggled to find something to say.”  This sums up my reticence in a nutshell. Do I dare pour out my feelings? And what if I don’t feel like writing for a time?

Getting back to the concept of how to find a blog, I did a random search in Google for “blogs about horses”. Low and behold there is a site:

DOH! Now, this may not be the exact blog site I want to follow, it sure showed me how far my head was stuck in the … sand.

About Robyn Gotch

After many years of quilting, sewing and long-arm quilting for myself, I felt it was time to offer these same services to the public. You will find that because I am a quilter myself, your projects will be treated with the same care and respect that I do my own.

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  1. Blogging for a class, or what some might call “forced blogging,” is quite different from the open journaling you describe above. All the posts here should be readings-based with links and images and video to things that connect to the course. Hopefully starting with this type of blogging will let you decide on the voice you want to use in a personal blog. You could always go anonymous too like [but as you’ll see, she stopped writing last year.]

  2. I think you edited your post, which is totally fine, but sometimes bloggers include a note saying “EDITED ON TO INCLUDE…” so that readers know some new stuff is there. It’s kind of like a Newspaper Correction.

  3. Robin,

    You wrote “Do I dare pour my feelings? And what if I don’t feel like writing for a time?”
    I think blogging in my understanding is all about pouring your feelings, that is why I find it theaurapic and a good way of increasing suicide. The more you pour your feelings out the more you remove any grief,strife and stress that you might harbour due to occurances around you. I think the only good way of doing it is to be vigilant not to over share information bearing in mind that blogging is like a public place. If you do not feel like writing sometimes its good not to write. Writing is a skill if you do not feel like writing it is much better to write when you feel like doing it in order to write the right things. I think sometimes writing can be described as a reflex action. I am sure writers will agree with me that thoughts sometimes just come and you find yourself writing or typing without pausing.

  4. decreasing suicide not increasing

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