First post!

Hi everyone!

Here is my test post, if anyone has trouble viewing/reading it please let me know! I am excited to be using blogs this semester. To be honest I have no prior experience with blogs before using them in this class, unless you count Facebook. I look forward to utilizing this way of discussing and sharing throughout the semester!

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  1. Your point about Facebook is interesting, especially if you are referring to Notes in Facebook. The Writing Spaces Web Writing Style Guide available at has a short section on whether or not Notes are blogs. Their answer, at and more specifically at, is more of a no than yes because of the fact that Facebook is like a gated community. Not everyone can see it.

    Meanwhile, this course blog is publicly searchable and doesn’t require a login to read. While we have our audience of peers in mind, we can also share the link with people not taking the class and they can leave comments too. But don’t be nervous by that! We’re creating an artifact of our reader responses and hopefully others interested in similar topics will benefit from it!

  2. Rachel, I am glad we will be diving into this new experience together! Now I just need to figure out how to remove my “quilt square” and insert a picture – nothing seems to be working.

  3. Hi everyone!

    Ooh! another nerve wrecking experience for me but its good to go through such experiences because as a writer you have something to write about in future. Readers might enjoy to know that you are not perfect and you also started somewhere to be someone. I really have no idea of blogging and i hope this will get to you all. I am happy to know that i am not the only one who is new to blogging looking forward to a successful semester!!


  4. Glad to see you’re up for the challenge, Siphiwe! I figured out how to make everyone authors instead of contributors, but do ask any questions you might have as you prepare your first post.

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